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Elandra 5 Sport

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December 2013

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Elandra 5 Sport Yacht

“There was great excitement in the shed when we began to develop molds for the company’s first model. Everyone could stand back and see the final form and shape of what the boat will be. The team has worked brilliantly and we remain on track for launch mid-2014. All molds will be completed just after the Christmas break. [We’re going for] ‘inshore elegance; offshore attitude,’ that’s the phrase that perfectly encapsulates our edict for all Elandra motoryachts.” — Luke Durman, Managing Director, Elandra Yachts

Elandra 5 Sports Yacht hardtop

Luxury motoryacht builder Elandra Yachts has completed the first major stage in the development of its first model, the Elandra 5 Sports Yacht.

The plugs for the deck, hardtop and liners were completed this week and the team is preparing for the next major stage to complete the hull as they work toward launch in July 2014.

The hardtop was removed and final painting began to prepare the hardtop and deck for molding.

Elandra 5 Sports Yacht hardtop removal
Elandra 5 Sports Yacht main deck
Elandra 5 Sports Yacht lower deck

Elandra Yachts
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This article originally appeared in the December 2013 issue of Power & Motoryacht magazine.