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An Azimut with outboards. You couldn’t even conceive of such a concept years ago. Then came the 2016 Newport boat show and the relatively quiet launch of the Verve 40. It may not have launched with a ton of pomp and circumstance, but news of the newcomer wouldn’t stay quiet for long. Sitting on the face dock next to its larger sister ships the Verve became the talk of the show.

Azimut 47 Verve

Azimut 47 Verve

Triple 350-hp Verados, Italian styling and an unmistakably Azimut interior below—it was the right kind of different. Though the brand remained relatively quiet about their Verve line following the launch, they continued to report strong sales figures in the U.S. That silence was broken in a big way at the Yachts Miami show this past February when they announced not only that a 47 Verve was being built, but Hull No. 1 was already spoken for by MarineMax’s Chief Revenue Officer Chuck Cashman. (No small endorsement considering Cashman’s company represents nine premier boat builders.)

“This is the boat I’ve dreamed about my whole life,” said Cashman to a rapt audience. “I come from a humble background, I never imagined I would own an Azimut.”

That will likely be the sentiment of many owners who purchase a boat from the builder’s “entry level” brand. I use quotes here because while the 40 and now the 47 represent the lower end LOA of the company’s offerings this line doesn’t lack in quality or flashiness, at least if the 40 is any indicator.

Azimut 47 Verve

Azimut 47 Verve

Initial renderings show a number of clever design features from the pen of Francesco Struglia, like the C-shaped seating area in the bow that will allow you to easily step over the corner seat and have walk-around access. Enormous fold-down gunwales capitalize on a (literally) growing industry trend, and room for quad outboards on the 47 should rival the 40’s top end of 45 knots when paired with Mike Peters’ proven double-stepped hull.

Two cabins—a master forward and a double berth guest cabin amidships—should allow four guests to be quite comfortable for a long weekend. A salon sofa converts to an extra berth in a pinch or if the party goes late, which is not all that unlikely for a boat that’s been designed for entertaining.

Look for the Verve to steal the spotlight on the fall show circuit. And be sure to check out this model for yourself. It’s too far out to have slip assignments but just follow the crowds. You’ll find it.

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