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Modern Boatbuilding

As we charge deeper into the Digital Age, technology is changing boatbuilding forever. See how better processes are leading to stronger, lighter, better boats.

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In Defense of Good Yacht Design

Did our columnist just refer to some boat designs as “butt-ugly junkyard dogs; the kind you wouldn’t want around your family?” Yes, yes he did. Read his argument for leaving naval architecture to the experts here.

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Designing the MJM 50z

A boat like the MJM 50z doesn’t just fall from the heavens. It takes a whole lot of design ingenuity and hands-on know-how to build a boat like that. We went behind the scenes to show you exactly what it takes to build a boat.

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Vismara M56 Navetta

Performance-wise the M56 will be constructed for fuel efficiency. Vismara plans on using advanced-composite construction in conjunction with their own proprietary structural layout to reduce displacement by up to 40 percent.

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Sarnico Yachts Alldays 39

Sarnico Yachts Alldays 39Some boats are great for sunny days and are built to run wide-open on glass-flat water while allowing their passengers to totally bronze out. And other boats are built for rough-weather days far from land where everyone aboard is happy for the boat’s indoor space and rugged build. But finding a boat that’s just right for

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Horizon E54

Horizon E54The latest flying-bridge cruiser from Horizon, the E54, couples speed with innovative technology while minimizing her carbon footprint. With a projected maximum speed of 39 mph, the E54 runs on dual Volvo IPS900s, which offer great performance while minimizing emissions output and reducing fuel consumption. The advanced drive system also

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Riva 63 Virtus

Riva 63 VirtusThe 63 Virtus is the new flagship for Riva’s open line, a build-type steeped in glamorous history. In the past Riva owners have included movie stars and royalty, so it’s with some excitement that those who follow that sort of thing anticipate exactly who will spring for this largest of the Riva opens. Whoever does open up their

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Beneteau Barracuda 9

Beneteau Barracuda 9Beneteau, the giant French boatbuilder that is currently making a concerted push into American markets, is well regarded for its innovative building techniques and efficiency of design. Some of its recent builds—the Swift Trawler 44, for example—wowed crowds on last year’s boat show circuit with its ability to fit so many

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Sanlorenzo SL94 - First Look

    Sanlorenzo SL94   Whether you’re looking to enjoy a short stay on the water or plan to cruise the seas for weeks, the newest build from Sanlorenzo offers contemporary accommodations and convenient amenities. A modern take on a cruising yacht, the Sanlorenzo SL94 adds new styling elements and innovations to traditional design. Distinctive

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Bering Yachts B50

The Bering Sea, that harsh and notoriously unforgiving stretch of ocean that separates North America from Asia, may very well have met its match in the ruggedly built, steel-hull B50 from Bering Yachts. The B50 was conceived as the ultimate midrange passagemaker and so is equipped with many useful weapons to help her wage war