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Carver C43

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Carver C43

Carver’s C43 is being prepped for her debut at the 2015 Miami boat show and the company is all abuzz about what just might be its Next Big Thing. Carver’s Josh Delforge reached out to me to let me know a little bit about the boat before she splashes. “It’s a coupe style with an electric sunroof, and the one thing you’ll be able to tell from the second you step onboard is that she was built for entertaining,” he said. “That means a big cockpit, a big swim platform, and a saloon door that opens up fully, which means that from the front bulkhead all the way to the transom, it will be one open space,” he continued. “Having minimal steps was one of the things we concentrated on with this boat, and I think our customers will appreciate that in full,” he concluded.

Only time will tell of course, but the smart money is on Delforge being correct in that assumption.

Launch Date: February 2015


  • Builder: Carver
  • Model: Carver C43
  • Year: 2015