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Benetti Vivace 125

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Benetti Vivace 125

Koenig’s First Take: This is my kind of yacht. I love the use of outdoor space. There’s just so much room for fun in the sun.

This 125 from Benetti is named Iron Man and as such she has some pretty “super” things in store. (Sorry, I had to do it.) That may be a bad joke, but it’s good intel. The Vivace is the first of five Class Fast Displacement yachts that Benetti is in the process of building. Thanks to her “D2P” hullform and Rolls-Royce- designed Azipull 65C pods she can perform ably at both displacement and planing speeds. That translates into efficient fuel-burn numbers at slower speeds, but it also means that the boat will have a top hop of 24 knots. That speed is in part due to the yacht’s light weight, which is made possible by large amounts of carbon fiber in her superstructure.

Another notable feature about the Vivace is her exterior space. There are four outdoor areas devoted to enjoying the marine environment. Perhaps the most tantalizing of these is a skydeck that has an enormous custom divan aft as well as a small swimming pool. By owner demand, there’s also a helm up there—which leads me to believe maybe this guy drives his own 125-foot boat? Impressive if so. Another sweet space is the beach area, which features its own bar, so you could whip up a Sex on the Beach, and then … Ah forget it. One terrible joke per article is one terrible joke too many. Besides, this yacht is no laughing matter.

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  • Builder: Benetti
  • Model: Benetti Vivace 125
  • Boat Type: Megayacht
  • Year: 2015
  • Base Price: Upon request
  • LOA: 125’0”
  • Draft: 6’9”
  • Beam: 27’8”
  • Displacement: 400,000 lb.
  • Fuel Capacity: 6,604 gal.
  • Water Capacity: 1,056 gal.
  • Standard Power: 2/2,600-hp MTU 16V 2000M94s
  • Cruise speed: 18 knots
  • Top speed: 25 knots

This article originally appeared in the December 2015 issue of Power & Motoryacht magazine.