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Behind the Scenes: Derecktor Shipyard

An impromptu walk-through of Derecktor Shipyards’ Ft. Lauderdale location proves that the yard is a boat nut’s field of dreams.

Sometimes delayed flights can be a blessing in disguise. I was driving around the perimeter of the Ft. Lauderdale airport, dreading a security pat down and hours spent in a tiny gate-side seat surrounded by holiday travelers and screaming babies alike when out of the corner of my eye I spotted the sign for Derecktor Shipyards. Pulling a rapid U-turn my girlfriend Karen shouted, “Wait, where are you going?”

Driving up the gravel road to the front of the yard she immediately understood that we were about to go exploring. “Ohh, yeah this makes sense.”

It was a gray Sunday with little work being done but the 17 acre facility off the Dania Cutoff Canal boasted more than enough eye candy, what with megayachts of all shapes and sizes resting atop enormous stands.

With 35 years experience in refitting, rebuilding, and repairing the world’s largest yachts, Derecktor has become a home away from home for many stunning ships. Click on the images to see just some of the stunning ships that call this yard home.

The megayacht Sorcha, rests on large stands.
Sorcha’s bow is two stories high.
Big boats require BIG anchor rode.
The fully refit Feadship, Patriot shines like new.
It’s hard not to stare at the lines of an old commuter yacht.
Liberty undergoes some bright work.
A freshly waxed Ferretti rests under the canopy.
The Feadship Comanche has some work done.
Yes, we’re back to staring at Liberty. Sue us!
Need a lift? Derecktor has a 900 and 200 ton lift.
You think these boats are big on the water? Wait til you see them on land.
It’s good to be the king.
The megayacht, Carson get some attention dockside.
Just for some perspective, that stand is about 7-feet tall.