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Boating and the 4th of July

You can tell us there's a better way to spend the 4th of July than on the water, we don't have to listen.

The smell of charred hamburgers and hot dogs mixes with the scent of suntan lotion as it wafts across the marina. Ice-filled coolers rattle with each labored step you take towards the boat. With a bit of luck, you cast off the lines just before flocks of folding-chair-lugging landlubbers envelope the shore. After an afternoon of cruising, the sun finally sets. Sweatshirts and blankets are produced to ward off the chill that descends upon the water; the show is about to begin. A loud crack and crackle pierce the silence as fireworks explode against a night sky. Fireworks are followed by the inevitable ovation of blaring horns. You could tell us there is a better way to celebrate Independence Day than on a boat, but frankly, we won’t believe you.