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What's the Brokerage Market for a Riviera 48 Convertible?

We spoke to three brokers each of whom had a Riviera 48 Convertible listed for sale. Here’s what they had to say about fishing, and not fishing, and what it means on this boat.

Riviera 48 Convertible

Tony Maggio, HMY Yacht Sales;
“To me the most impressive thing about the Riviera 48 is the interior volume. It’s just got a tremendous amount of space for a 48-foot boat. It feels much larger than it really is, and it’s one of the few yachts in this size range that’s available with a semi-enclosed bridge, like the one on the boat we have listed. It really makes this boat a much more comfortable platform for either fishing or cruising. The owner of our boat actually uses it only for cruising—he doesn’t fish at all—so he really appreciates all the space. Another thing that’s impressive to me is Riviera’s woodwork; they really do an exceptional job. Also, the boat is very strong and seaworthy. Considering Rivieras come from Australia and the kind of conditions they typically run in down there—the seas are not very friendly—the 48 is a really seaworthy, safe boat. They’re built to be solid, with a lot of top-quality hardware and good fit and finish. My owner is very experienced; he’s a doctor and he runs the boat himself. He’s been very happy with the 48 but he’s moving up to a larger boat. 

Felix Mari, VM Yacht
“Down here [in Miami] Riviera is known as a high-quality builder; they stand behind their boats in terms of service. The 48 is a popular combination fishing-cruising boat here, but a lot of people especially like to cruise it because of the roomy interior and solid performance. It has a solid fiberglass bottom and a modified deep-V that give it a great ride. It’s also sturdy—it’s a very seaworthy boat and is great in rough seas. This particular owner likes to fish but not competitively, just for dinner. He decided to purchase the 48 mainly because he thought the luxurious comfortable interior would appeal to his wife. Because it’s a three-stateroom boat there’s room for a big family—as many as four kids—and the galley is up near the starboard dinette where five people can sit. No one has to be alone. For this area, the typical 48 buyer is someone who will probably go to the Bahamas and maybe do a little fishing there but mostly live on it and enjoy cruising in comfort. I’ve sold several Riviera 48s, and all of the owners have loved them. It’s a great boat for down here, especially because it’s so comfortable in big seas. I’ve never heard of any issues with any of these boats.”

Dennis Riehl, Crow’s Nest Yachts;
“The owner of this boat is a yacht club member and so is very knowledgeable. He’s owned the boat for seven years, and has found that one of his favorite features is the enclosed bridge. It’s air-conditioned, of course, but the nicest thing is that it’s enclosed only on three sides: the front and both sides. The back is completely open, which allows a lot of fresh air in when he wants it. So the boat has the best of both worlds, unlike a lot of boats with fully enclosed bridges, which can feel stuffy and confined. The zip-up isinglass really takes that issue away. This owner has put about 1,000 hours on the boat, which is a lot for Southern California, and he is absolutely a fisherman, so he appreciates that aspect of the boat. Although it’s just him and his girlfriend, they spend a lot of time actually living on the boat—as much as ten days at a time. While they don’t need all three cabins, they do often cruise with another couple, so they really appreciate the two larger staterooms and the roomy saloon with plenty of seating. They also like the fact that the galley is connected to the saloon and that there are three large windows in front; a lot of these kinds of boats, especially newer models, are solid in front. The windows really open up this boat.”

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