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What's the Brokerage Market for the Post 50?

We spoke to three brokers who each had a Post 50 listed on Here’s what they each had to say about these fishing machines and the market for buying and selling them.

Steven Faraldo, Atlantic Yacht & Ship ,
“For a 50-foot boat, that particular model is very spacious. The cockpit area is very large, and it sits very well offshore due to its 16-foot 11-inch beam. The other thing: Post hulls raise a lot of fish. I think its’ the way the water comes off the back of them. Post buyers are pretty much in for life—they’re definitely loyal to the brand. Most of the clientele are fishermen, but I’ve actually showed the boat to a couple of clients who are considering doing a liveaboard-type deal. The owner has upgraded virtually every aspect of Chronic Pain including completely repainting the boat. It is doubtful that a buyer will find another Post on the market that is of the same caliber as this boat.”

Jon Burkard, Allied Marine ;
“When the 50 came out I remember it was the first boat that we ever had that was capable of cruising at 30 knots regardless of what brand. We were still stuck back in the age of 23-, 24-, 25-knot cruises being relatively fast. Then Post came out with that 50 and I remember going to the Keys, we went to Ocean Reef in the boat for a long weekend. I’ll never forget it: We were out off the beach running down the coast, cruising at 30 knots and we were looking at each other saying, ‘This is cool, we’re going to be there in four hours instead of six.’ But at the same time we had to remain glued to the horizon—you’ve got to look for boats, lobster buoys, dive balls, dive flags, you have to be much more diligent because you’re really moving and the danger level increases exponentially the faster you go. In typical Post fashion, it wasn’t the best headsea boat by any means, but it was very efficient, very fast, and I think the layout was awesome: Big flybridge, big saloon, good-size staterooms.”

Rob Wojciechowski, Tom George Yacht Group ;
“I sold a 1999 50 post a few years ago to a novice fisherman that went from a 34 Sea Ray to a 50 Post. From the polar opposite end of the spectrum, the seller was a seasoned sportfisherman that bought the Post 50 when he could have bought any sportfisherman on the market. And he chose the 50 for its size, he ran the boat by himself with a mate. That guy fished that boat from the Bahamas to the Middle Grounds to the Gulf of Mexico, and he spent months at a time on the boat and put over 2,500 hours on it before he sold it to my client. The new client that bought it did a tremendous amount of research on sportfishing boats before he bought it. I’ve been out with him a couple of times fishing. I’ve run the boat several times for him, and I’d say the boat performs tremendously in 4-foot seas.”

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