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What's the Brokerage Market for the North Pacific 42?

We spoke to three brokers who each had a North Pacific 42 Pilothouse listed online. Here’s what each broker had to say about these trawlers and what they have to offer.

North Pacific 42 Pilothouse

Bob Underwood, Whiteaker Yacht Sales ;
“The North Pacific 42 has shoal draft of course, and some of the same things that make any trawler attractive. I think for a lot of people, trawlers with enclosed pilothouses and flying bridges have long been considered to be Pacific Northwest-type boats, or maybe Northeast boats where more inclement weather affects the conditions. But a lot of peple are coming to the realization that these features are just as beneficial when you get down to the southern latitudes and it’s really hot—you can also be inside and protected in an air-conditioned space. With these boats, we see potential buyers who have always been powerboaters as well as a lot of people moving from sail to power. A trawler is a natural transition for somebody going from sail to power—they like the 8.5-knot cruising speed and the long range; they’re comfortable with that.”

Scott Helker, Waterline Boats ;
“We recently sold a new trawler that was shipped to Lake Michigan—not traditionally ‘trawler country.’ In my view there’s an expanding following for trawlers. I believe a growing percentage of the boating marketplace is shifting towards trawlers for a couple of reasons: the amount of living and comfort space, fuel economy, stability and safety, and seaworthiness are relevant factors. And not just around Seattle. Inquiries from all over suggest that the trend is elsewhere too. The Miami boat show is one example, with its Trawler Port display. Even some ‘non-trawler’ boats are being marketed with more traditional trawlers because this is a viable customer demographic. The North Pacific 42 is a value trawler—a big boat with a lot of living space for a good price. That’s an appealing combination for people coming into the trawler world. Boy, look how much boat I can get for the money.

Brian Krantz, Inside Passage Yacht Sales ;
“The buyer of this North Pacific 42 trawler is someone who is primarily interested in a quality yacht but doesn’t have to have the brand recognition of a company that’s been around for 40 years. Around for many years, North Pacific is new in the game compared to some of the old-style brands and is in position to take advantage of the newer technology and look at the complications some of the other older brands have had. It’s often an unmeasured quantity of how a boat handles at the dock and under way. In this type of boat everyone’s looking at the interiors and whatnot. When you have the oppportunity to take a North Pacific out and experience docking maneuvers, some aspects of it are well above most of its competition. They have put a lot of thought into the propulsion, the rudder, and the thruster systems, such that the boats have a better feeling underway and at a dock.”

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