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What's the Brokerage Market for the Grand Banks Eastbay 38 EX?

We spoke to three brokers who had listed a Grand Banks Eastbay 38 EX online, and here’s what they each said about them.

Clute Ely, Boatworks Yacht Sales;
“In the used market they’ve held up very well and it’s pretty much a sought-after boat. It’s just so versatile: I’ve got guys coming off a lifetime of sailing buying an Eastbay 38. I’ve got guys with a young family buying an Eastbay 38 as their first ‘big boat’ where they want to try to spread their wings and do some cruising with the family. Maybe they’ve had an outboard or something like that before. Relative value compared with what you have to pay for the boat and the long-term stability of its value financially—and how strong it’s been even through the downturn—has made it I think a very attractive boat to a lot of people.”

Grand Banks Eastbay 38 EX

Paul Flannery, HMY Yacht Sales;
“The 38 doesn’t change hands quite as frequently as some of the other models. A Grand Banks owner is typically a more seasoned boater that has a more specific focus when they go to buy their boat. The other thing about the 38 is that it’s a boat that’s particularly well suited to a couple. It’s small enough to be manageable yet big enough to be comfortable. We seldom have somebody stumble upon an Eastbay. We typically have a client that’s focused on that product, because they know the merits of the Raymond Hunt-designed hull, quality construction from Grand Banks, and the performance and seakeeping ability of that balance in the Eastbay.”

Fritz Grell, United Yacht Sales;
“These well-built and well-finished boats are generally purchased by experienced yachtsmen who take very good care of their boats. The boat I have listed, Cara, is a prime example of this from her new canvas to her freshly Awlgripped bilges. The 375-horsepower Caterpillar 3208s provide a comfortable, respectable cruising speed. These engines are known for their longevity and few, if any, of these boats will log enough hours to wear them out.”

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