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What's the Brokerage Market for a Derecktor Yacht?

We spoke to three brokers who each had a Derecktor yacht for sale on Here’s what each had to say about this revered American shipyard and some of the vessels that were produced by it.

Derecktor yacht

Tucker Fallon, Bradford Marine Sales , 954-801-3645;
“Derecktor has a fine reputation, especially after they launched Cakewalk. My listing [Silent Wings, a 109-foot trideck motoryacht] shows the kind of work they’re capable of. Her interior is just beautiful—I refer to it as a kind of Hollywood men’s club in that there’s lots of beautifully crafted dark wood. It’s so beautiful it’s probably why this owner lived aboard. The yacht also has some really impressive engineering details. For instance, it’s one of the few waterjet motoryachts built by an American yard. Of course like most Derecktors it has an aluminum hull, and specially designed windows: The ones in the saloon and galley open, which makes this a lovely boat to live on or cruise for an extended time. Derecktor built a lot of fine boats. I’ve had a few of them listed and I’ve never heard a bad word about any of them.”

Alan Learch, Allied Marine , 772-600-4922;
“My listing [the 114-foot Amazing Grace] is the former Mit-Sea-Ah, which was designed by Sparkman & Stephens and really made a splash when Derecktor launched her in 1993. I first became aware of the yard in the ’70s, and over the years I’ve been acquainted with a number of their boats, including the ex-Titania [Above All]. She’s a neat, well-built, well-engineered boat, like all the Derecktors I’ve been on. This has always been considered a very high quality yard, and it shows on all the boats. On Amazing Grace, the interior is uncommonly attractive despite being 21 years old; Derecktor’s woodwork is especially well done. I’ve been on boats all my life, and if I were to buy this boat I wouldn’t change a thing about it. She had a big-name interior designer (Richard Liebowitz), and Derecktor really did a nice job with his design—it even has a built-in piano in the main saloon. The yard also fitted her with an electric window to the cockpit that slides down, something that’s appeared only recently on production boats. Her layout is also unique for a boat of this age in that she has an on-deck master with four staterooms below. Partly because she has an aluminum hull, like all Derecktor motoryachts, she has good range at low speeds.”

Roy Sea, International Yacht Collection , 954-522-2323;
“My father had a boatyard in Cos Cob, Connecticut, right up the street from the Derecktor yard in Mamaroneck, and one day in 1972 Bob Derecktor came by and saw a box I was building and offered me a job as a carpenter. So I have an inside view of the yard and the kind of work they did, which was always exceptional. They used to employ a lot of Portuguese carpenters who did amazing woodworking and joinery work, and their welding has always been superb. Besides yachts and America’s Cup boats, they did a lot of work for the Coast Guard, involving some pretty sophisticated welding—the kind that had to be X-rayed. The Derecktor that IYC has listed [the 115-foot El Jefe] was a piece of sophisticated work, a venture between Derecktor and Sparkman & Stephens that launched in 1989. She’s 115 feet long but draws only about 4 feet, a trideck with a main-deck master stateroom. And she was a waterjet boat, so all in all she was a pretty remarkable yacht in her day. She’s kind of typical of the work put out by Derecktor, which most people think of as a custom yard: They don’t really have a line of boats. But if someone wants a top-end custom build—a very high-end, one-off like Cakewalk—chances are they’ll at least consider Derecktor. It’s a pedigree builder that’s completely capable of building a full-custom boat to very high specs.”

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