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What I did on my Thanksgiving Vacation

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Twas the holiday before Christmas, and all through Savannah, not a family member was stirring—not even a mouse. Too much turkey had been consumed and too much wine.

And so passes another Savannah Thanksgiving and another win as fan favorite despite stiff competition in the 2010 Savannah Parade of Lights.

The stocking were hung with care as the Sea Hawk Too stuck with the class Night Before Christmas theme:


The other boats ranged from the simple and classic:


The simple and pink with a message:


The sailboats use their masts to their advantage:


Some captains got into the holiday spirit and their Santa suits:


And another decided that a boat wasn't enough, and decided to turn their boat into a plane:


Even the sunset was beautiful that night.

There were only a few hiccups as three cargo ships decided during the parade would be the ideal time to head to sea. I can only imagine what those captains were thinking as they headed down the Savannah River and encountered a dozen brightly light boats bobbing along as they waited for the parade to start.

If you swung by, thank you for your votes. If you weren't the Lowcountry, does your area have a boat parade? Do you participate?