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What’s the brokerage market for the Westport 112?

Westport 112

We spoke to a pair of brokers about what they see in the Westport 112 they have listed, to get a sense of what these superyachts have going for them. Here’s what we discovered:

Michael Mahan, Worth Avenue Yachts;

“The name of the boat is Feelin’ Free, and we’ve had a lot of showings on the boat [at Yachts Miami Beach]. She’s a 2009 model and she’s probably the best 112 on the market. It’s no surprise because she was a White Star—Westport built three White Stars for a gentleman: The first one was in 2006, 2008, and then this boat. As a result they have a tremendous number of upgrades. This particular boat has 375 upgrades to a normal standard 112 Westport. It’s a huge difference in the boat. She’s got a raised-panel mahogany interior, a really high-end AV system with pop-up televisions—the largest of the time—leather-covered handrails, and the best of the best in the fasteners and door openers. There’s a tremendous amount of equipment that was added to the boat, plus a little bit of a varnish package on both the interior and the exterior. She’s a pretty boat from that point of view, and it’s my third time to sell her, so I know the boat extremely well. She always goes off the market fairly quickly because she’s got that many upgrades. On the market, a boat is only as good as its ownership and this boat has had just fantastic ownership since day one and she’s been run with an open checkbook. As a result you can see she’s in extremely good condition. She’s fully crewed and run by a professional group of people who know her well. I think the 112 is such a nice fit for people the model actually covers all the bases: It can be a first boat, or it can be something that somebody's moving up to from the 100-foot Hatteras or something of that nature, and it actually is a good boat for someone to downsize into. It’s a great running boat: You can cruise all day at 22 knots if you want. They’re extremely good charter boats, very popular in the marketplace, so if somebody wanted to help subsidize some of the costs related to running the boat to keep the crew happy and busy. They charter for $50,000 a week and we can keep them extremely busy. The additional upgrades really make this boat a real departure: From the barstools outside to the bar itself that’s a really nice granite to a really nice marble package up in the pilothouse to the coffered overhead in the dining room.”

John Varga, Westport Yachts;

“The 112-foot Westport Black Gold that I have at the Miami Show is a 2011 with only 1,000 engine hours, and is currently the newest brokerage 112 on the market. She is attracting tremendous attention and has nonstop traffic at the show. This is one of the three On-Deck Master Stateroom 112s that we have built with five staterooms in the owner’s party. The owner is moving up to his fourth Westport and is taking delivery of a new 125 this summer. The typical Westport 112 buyer is a more experienced yachtsman who knows the great reputation the 112 has as a safe, predictable, low-maintenance yacht with unprecedented resale values. The buyer interested in a Westport 112 is usually moving up from a yacht in the 75- to 90-foot range, or is moving laterally from an older or inferior quality yacht of the same size.”

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