Wellcraft Announces Bold New Range

Wellcraft charts a new course with its sights set on disrupting the adventure cruising segment.
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Wellcraft just announced that it will be expanding its portfolio significantly to include a range of “adventure cruisers.” The first in this new line will be the triple-outboard powered, 35-foot Commuter 355, which is set to make waves in U.S. waters in the spring of 2022.


“There is a clear trend in the market for commuter-style boats, boats that can take you to your private island. This seems like a very fitting direction for us because of the history of Wellcraft (as a performance brand) and the trends in the market. It’s going to be very different from what’s out there today,” says Wellcraft Brand Director Nick Harvey. “We’re going to have a much beefier boat with a higher freeboard, which will bring a much faster, smoother and safer ride for passengers.”

An inboard-powered line that Harvey refers to as, “A picnic boat but with a modern twist” will ride closely on the heels of the Commuter 355.

Rounding out this new range will be a line of luxury center consoles, though details on that model are still under wraps at this time. “It’s all part of the adventure cruising umbrella,” says Harvey. “We want to bring an international dimension to the Wellcraft brand.”

This news is easily the biggest headline for the brand since Groupe Beneteau acquired it in 2017. Founded in 1955, the original slogan for Wellcraft was simple, yet bold: World Class Performance. Can this new range deliver on that original promise? Only time will tell, but we hope to be first in line to find out.