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The Vikings Are Coming

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As we were going to press in late September, we caught up with Peter Frederiksen of Viking Yachts to talk about the company’s new, highly anticipated Viking 92, which will make her debut at the 2014 Ft. Lauderdale International Boat Show. Here’s what he had to say about the boat, and other happenings at Viking’s New Jersey plant.

Viking 92 hull

Power & Motoryacht: How is the 92 coming?
Peter Frederiksen: The mold is in place over the plug for the 92’s hull [shown]. When the mold is removed and turned over it will be ready to use. The deckhouse plug is still being worked on.

Power & Motoryacht: Is this the biggest vessel you’ve built?
Peter Frederiksen: This is the largest boat in our 50-year history, and it is possible that we might build something larger, but a lot depends upon the circumstances at the time. We are hoping the new model is as well accepted as the 82 Convertible was. You might recall that when the 82 left New Jersey in November of 2008, the economy was sliding downward. Yet, the boat has proved to be a major success having just delivered hulls 22 and 24, and today it looks like hull 23 has a home! 

Power & Motoryacht: What else are you working on?
Peter Frederiksen: We will have a new 75 Motor Yacht for Lauderdale 2014. We’ve got three other new models for 2014, including the 52 Convertible and the 42 ST (Sport Tower) for the Lauderdale show, plus a sistership, the 42 SC (Sport Coupe). In addition to the 92 and 75 for the 2015 model year, we also will have a 52 Open with a ZF pod-drive system sliding out mid-June 2014.

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