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Viking-Princess VIP Event

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It's been an awfully nasty winter so far, so when I received the invite for the annual Viking-Princess VIP event in Riviera Beach, Florida, I was even more ready to hop on a plane than I usually am. It's really quite a show. Pretty much one of every Viking and Princess model is on display and ready for not only inspection, but sea trial too. A lot of people usually attend; this year the companies report more than 600 people attended and nearly 100 sea trials were conducted. It's like a boat show, only the crowds are scaled way down and are a lot more courteous.

I spent all of my time on the Viking 42. It's brand new and Viking's first pod drive boat—twin 600-hp Cummins—and the only Viking priced under a million. My sea trail involved all of the requisite close-quarters pirouetting that pod drives are so good at, plus 20 minutes or so outside in three-footers that the boat just ate up.

The 42 also has a pretty cool interior featuring a skylight.


Look for the full test in an upcoming PMY.