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Into the Maelstrom with a Viking

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OK, maybe maelstrom is too strong a word, but when I tested the Viking 42 ST today off of Riviera Beach, it just wasn’t really all that pleasant, weather-wise. The rain was slamming down, the wind was conjuring up whitecaps, and confused four footers made the Atlantic an interesting place to test a boat that easily surpasses 30 knots.

The teak helm onboard the Viking 42 ST.

No matter. The 42 handled it all with aplomb thanks to a steep entry, lots of freeboard, and expert engineering know how. We skipped right along over the snot, approaching 34 knots at points, and cruising comfortably at 31. The boat was notable for providing soft landings coming up off even the biggest and poorest timed swells, and she tracked straight as an arrow. Besides that, everything felt solid. And that’s exactly what you want out of this little tough guy (girl?) She’s not huge, so she better be built right. And she is. Keep your eyes peeled for a full review of this pod-driven charger in an upcoming issue of Power & Motoryacht.