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Viking 42 Open Preview

Keep your eyes peeled for my review of Viking’s new 42 Open in the upcoming May issue of PMY.

Viking 42 helm

The 42’s Palm-Beach-style helm is one of the simplest, most elegant setups I’ve seen on a boat of any size in the past few years. And simple is important, in my opinion—some vessels these days are perhaps overly complicated from the operational standpoint, a foible that Viking’s gracefully avoided with the 42.

The 42 Open is also Viking’s first foray into the realm of pod-type propulsion. Find out how well Viking’s new Cummins MerCruiser Zeus system works by reading my account in the May issue of PMY of running the boat hell-bent-for-leather on the coastal Atlantic and then docking her sedately in a rather challenging slip at Viking’s facility in Riviera Beach, Florida.

Vikings new Cummins MerCruiser Zeus system