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Vanity Fair takes on the state of the megayacht industry

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November's Vanity Fair features an article titled "Too Big to Sail?" The article promises to delve into the collapse of the megayacht industry in relation to the global economic collapse.


Instead we are treated to an author's (admittedly enviable) week-long yacht hopping adventure. The resulting name - and cost - dropping article leaves much to be desired. In fact, I was left with the impression that the yacht owners profiled were proud of their investment as he profiled people with intensely personal yachts: the Candy brothers and the Viareggio-built Candyscape, used to showcase their interior design business; the Jeff Koons-designed Guilty; and Baracuda with her purple sails.

Yes, the megayacht industry has changed. But there will always be the fabulously wealthy on fabulous yachts in fantastic locations.

What do you think is the future of the industry? Intensely personal yachts versus yachts built to flip?