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Under 90 But Still HOT: Horizon E88

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Four 88-footers sold! Horizon Yacht USA shared some exciting news this month, selling one inventory E88 motoryacht and taking orders for three more in rapid succession. Why would this large semi-custom yacht start popping, you may ask? I caught up with Elise Moffitt, who handles marketing and communications at Horizon Yacht USA, for the lowdown.


“Being on a 21-foot beam, there’s a lot of room especially in the four staterooms, to be flexible,” Moffitt says. “We’ve done different layouts down below. At least one of the layouts, the owner wants a huge master cabin. That’s easy to do, we just go from four to three staterooms. On our first and second inventory boats that we had come in, we did a bunk on the starboard side, with a normal twin stateroom on the port side.]There’s a lot of things you can do to make the layout different.”

On one of the factory-ordered boats, the owner intends to tow a tender, so that mean no davit on the boat deck. Instead the new owner will use it for an aft lounge area. “That model just really lends itself to being semi-custom to custom,” Moffitt says.

“That is also still a manageable size for people,” she says. “You can run that boat with three or four crew, or two if you have an experienced owner. But that size, you’re not getting into 95 and 100 feet, where people start feeling like they need a full-time crew of four or five or what have you? We have a lot of owners who own those boats and they’re still fairly hands on and it feels manageable for them—it’s not too big. It’s that right size that meets the needs of their families, but it’s still manageable enough as an owner.”


The E88 evolved from an 82-footer that potential buyers liked, but they often were looking for more onboard space. “It has been deeply designed,” Moffitt says. “I think that’s why it is a popular model, because it has been so heavily tweaked by Horizon to be sure it has all the components that people want. It’s got the four-stateroom layout that’s still spacious… you can do open bridge or you can do skylounge. The aft deck is a really nice area for entertaining. I just feel like it’s so easy to take that boat and make it suit the clients’ needs.”

“A few of the buyers went to the shipyard before making their final decision,” Moffitt says. “Usually when they do that you know they’re interested, and they’re also experienced owners. They know what to look for so when they go on a boat or go to a shipyard, they know what they’re looking at.”

Sounds like a great way to kick off the summer.