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What's the Brokerage Market for the Tiara 4300 Sovran?

By Jason Y. Wood

We spoke to three brokers who each had a Tiara 4300 Sovran listed on Here’s what they each had to say about the model and what it has to offer on the brokerage market.

Barry Lipoff, Crown International Yacht Sales;

Tiara 4300 Sovran - engines

“We have sold three 4300 Sovrans in the last eight to nine months. We try to find the IPS600s, which is the preferred engine package. The market has been very strong, with the stock market moving up, with the fiscal cliff out of the way, and general market conditions. We’re finding the buyers are coming out right now and they’re spending money and they’re buying bigger boats. This yacht that I have listed has very low hours. It has upgraded 24,000-Btu helm air conditioning, which is bigger than the standard 16,000-Btu system. It has twin Raymarine E-series helm displays, and it also has the optional wood helm area. The helm station has been upgraded with the black and gray instead of the vanilla white, and the boat also has the upgraded blue hull.”

Johnny Wise, HMY Yacht Sales;

Tiara 4300 Sovran

“There are 18 on the market in the United States. We’re seeing a resurgence in the brokerage market for the 43 and the 39. The 43 is a better layout because it’s got a second stateroom and second head compared to the 39-footer. It’s that much more boat, and if you look at the brokerage market it’s probably only $25,000 to $30,000 more than a 39 from 2007 or 2008. We’ve had a huge spike in the brokerage market, it’s probably been a little more in the 39 compared to the 43, but when you put the two boats together the 43 is going to have a little more value in it, with the second stateroom. Another thing: The 43 has a dedicated air conditioner right there at the helm, so living in Florida in the summertime cruising with this boat, you’re very comfortable. Buyers are coming from maybe the tier below, a 31- to a 38-footer, and want to get their first IPS boat. They’ve heard all about the driving and docking capabilities and they just want to make it easier.”

Jeff Stanley, Gilman Yachts;


“The Tiara 4300 Sovran is an entry-level IPS boat from a high-end manufacturer. The owner of the particular boat I have has moved down into this one from a 90-foot Hargrave to a 64-foot Hatteras MY to this 43-foot Tiara. This present boat he can use without his captain because it really is simple to operate. It is a boat that someone can quickly learn to master; one of the advantages of the IPS system—you can run the boat sideways and dock singlehandedly, and especially for someone coming from a larger boat that always had crew, it’s a great way to get back to driving a boat yourself. By moving the drives all the way aft you end up with an extra cabin and head. Another advantage is improved seakeeping ability from moving the engines aft. They hold their value fairly well, but they’re certainly 30 to 40 percent cheaper than a newer version so it’s a boat that’s maintaining its value. Buying a five- or six-year-old Tiara Sovran gives someone a chance to get into a great-quality boat at a price that’s maybe the same as a lesser-quality, newer boat. And at five, eight, or ten years old, you’re still going to have great interior finishes, great gelcoat that’s going to stand up, good hardware, and good-quality components.”

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