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Those Crazy Aussies

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So what's a really good way to empahasize the power and performance of your new $2.75 million Riviera 61 Series II Enclosed Flybridge? Well, if you're one of those crazy Aussies, how about towing a waterskier? In fact, how about towing 12 waterskiers?


That's what the proud owner of this boat did. How much horsepower does it take to haul all that humanity and still get up on plane? The answer is 3,100, courtesy of Caterpillar. And as you can see, the 61 didn't just plane, she managed a fine bit of speed.

The skiers were all professionals and two were required to carry a Riviera flag, as you can see here. Not sure what's going up with the short person in the center, but we're guessing the owner's child or niece/nephew.


Anyone who would organize such a stunt has to be a real enthusiast, and indeed these owners are that. The've owned 11 Rivieras, ranging from a 3300 to the boat previous to this one, a 43 Offshore.

The Riviera 61 Series II will make her official world debut next week at the Sanctuary Cove Boat Show.