The editors of Power & Motoryacht and our sister publication Outboard magazine enjoyed the brand’s most successful showing at this year’s Boat Writers International awards at the Miami International Boat Show. 

Racing a Palm Beach 70 against a train earned Best Boat Test and Best Video from BWI.

Racing a Palm Beach 70 against a train earned Best Boat Test and Best Video from BWI.

When the dust settled at the end of the ceremony, the editors walked away with three first place finishes, five third place honors and six honorable mentions. Among the award recipients were Bill Pike, Simon Murray, Bob Arrington, Krista Karlson, Gary Reich, John Turner and Dan Harding.

“Our mission at Power & Motoryacht is to produce content that educates, entertains and inspires our readers,” said Editor-in-Chief Dan Harding. “We don’t write or create videos to win awards, we push ourselves to create the very best content because that’s what our audience deserves. Still, I have to admit, it’s really rewarding to be recognized by your peers for that effort.”

This year’s top stories:

Editor-in-Chief Dan Harding placed first in the Boat Tests and Reviews category for The Palm Beach 70
Digital Editor John V. Turner earned a first and a third in the Boating Videos category for Palm Beach 70 Commuter Challenge and Solace 345 at Newport respectively.
Senior Editor Simon Murray took third place in Boating Lifestyles for Smoke on the Water.
Executive Editor Capt. Bill Pike took third place in Boating Profiles for The Bait Lady, which appeared in Anglers Journal.
Jeff Moser claimed third in Environmental Awareness & Education for Cold, Wet and Hell Bent,” which appeared in Outboard.
Krista Karlson received Merit Awards for Every Boater, a Builder and When Time Stands Still
Bob Arrington received Merit Awards for For Love & Adventure
Gary Reich took first place in the Gear, Electronics & Product Tests categories for “Fire and Metal,” which appeared in Outboard magazine.

Our Award-Winning Videos: