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Take the Ferry

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I had a chance to take the Staten Island Ferry last week, and let me tell you, it's not a bad time. The Ferry runs between lower Manhattan and Shaolin (there's some honest-to-goodness New York Slang for you, Shaolin is Staten Island). Now, Staten gets dumped on a little (pun totally intended) for being built on an enormous landfill and being populated with the type of scamps you might find pumping their fists in the background of The Jersey Shore. But that ferry ride is actually really ... nice. The views are some of the best in NYC, on off hours the vessel is deserted and peaceful, and maybe best of all, it's free. So next time you're visiting New York, instead of hitting another tourist trap like Times Square and the Empire State Building, do yourself a favor and take a ride on the ferry. It's a slice of the real thing.