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Summer Fun

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Regret is a terrible thing. Regretting that you didn't go cruising as much as you could have during the summer, well that's even worse. So search through our list of the best boating events of the summer, file a float plan, and get going. Now. What are you waiting for!?

July 2, 9, 16, 23, 30:

If you happen to be in popular Marina Del Ray in Los Angeles on a Thursday, you’re going to want to eat a light lunch. That’s because at 5 pm gourmet food trucks serving everything from lobster to ice cream to hot dogs to Vietnamese food arrive and transform the Waterfront into a food court. Pepto-Bismol not included. 

July 4:

The Sunshine State has more than 30 locations to watch major fireworks shows from your boat including: Apalachicola, Cape Coral, Fernandina Beach, Ft. Lauderdale, Jacksonville, Key Biscayne, Lake Worth, Miami, Palm Beach, Stuart, and Tampa. 

July 4 – 7:

The Tall Ships will be sailing into Greenport Harbor on the North Fork of New York’s Long Island for the Fourth, and will be staying for a few days after. If you’ve never been to Greenport, don’t go—it’s awful. Nah, just kidding. The quaint seaside town has been our little secret for a while, but the cat’s been out of the bag in a big way recently. Greenport appears to be well on its way to becoming the next Montauk, as far as destinations go. Time to get in on the ground(ish) floor.

Juillet 4 – 5:

Those cruising in Canada this month (July is a great time of year there) should try and visit Quebec’s La Fête du Nautisme, (French for Boating Festival). From new boats and gear, to watersport events, this event should be très bon!

July 7:

Five-time Grammy Award winner James Taylor will be performing at Portland, Maine’s Cross Insurance Arena, just blocks from Union Wharf and the Portland Lobster Company. 

July 9:

The Bahamas celebrates its 41st year as an independent nation today. And Marsh Harbour in the Abacos is the place to be to celebrate, with all sorts of festivities planned. Just beware, ain’t no party like a Bahamian party because a Bahamian party don’t stop. No really. They do not stop. A word to the wise, bring coffee.

July 14 – 19:

Restaurant week on Block Island is something the entire town really gets behind with most eateries featuring two-course lunch menus ($21) and three-course dinner menus ($29). We like The Oar for their signature mudslides and view of the Great Salt Pond.   

July 16 – 19:

Sea Ray and Meridian Yachts owners cruising the West Coast won’t want to miss the 17th annual Roche Harbor rendezvous. The group is known for its penchant for partying will enjoy many a nice meal and cocktail party. 

July 16:

To go, or not to go to Friday Harbor in the San Juans. That is the question. And on this date the answer is definitely yes thanks to the free outdoor production of Shakespeare’s Cymbeline by the well-respected group of actors at Island Stage Left. 

July 17:

Beafuort, North Carolina, is out to prove that the Chesapeake isn’t the only place with killer crab cakes. The 9th annual Crab Cake Cook-Off allows you to gorge on crab and slaw all for a good cause: the historic Harvey W. Smith Watercraft Center, which teaches wooden boat restoration. 

July 18 – 19:

Out in LaLa Land this summer? Then dock your boat at one of the many harbors in the South Bay area and head over to the PVAC Malaga Cove Art Lawn Show in Palos Verdes—one of the most beautiful suburban enclaves our country has to offer. The show will expand your horizons, we promise. It’ll be good for you. Edifying, really.

July 31 – August 2:

Acres of highly polished mahogany will be on display as the Annual Antique Boat Show & Auction kicks off in Clayton, New York. Live music, dancing, and cocktails round out this fun-filled weekend.

All summer:

The lazy days of summer and professional baseball just seem to go together. Our three favorite ballparks are AT&T Park (San Francisco), Citi Field (New York), and Nationals Park (Washington, D.C.) because of their proximity to the water and the option to go boatgating. 

August 22 – 23:

If polished mahogany is your vice (you’re in good company), you might consider checking out the Antique & Classic Boat Festival in Salem, Massachusetts. Besides a flotilla of boats from the early 1900s, some captains and crew sport vintage attire and really get into character, making it a kid- and boat-nut-friendly event. 

August 27 – 30:

The North American Demo Boat Show in Cedar Point, Ohio, not only features 40 boats available for a test drive, but retired military craft, a powerboat simulator, and a unique kayak experience. 

August 28 – 30:

Some of you may not understand sailors; puttering in the middle of the channel with the engine running and screaming “right of way.” The Newport Bucket is not that. Cutting edge and classic sailing yachts over 70 feet ply the waters and provide abundant eye candy.