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Some folks were born made to wave the flag ...

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I'm down in Lauderdale staying at the Marina Hilton at the moment, and right outside is docked a 65-foot 2002 Viking sportcruiser named Unfortunate Son. What a great name for a boat. The second I saw it I stopped and took a picture for this blog but unfortunately my iPhone is on the fritz at the moment. But really, as a name Unfortunate Son has it all. A clever play on a pop cultural reference ("Fortunate Son" by Credence Clearwater Revival), ironic intent (no one owning a boat this beautiful could seriously consider themselves financially unfortunate, I'm guessing), perhaps some personal meaning, and maybe even a meta-irony that I'm not even sure I can wrap my head around at the moment, if in fact this boat has any ties to the much more well known 177-foot megayacht Fortunate Son. Anyway, great job naming this boat, whoever owns it. And if you have any favorite boat names out there that you think can compete with Fortunate Son, holler at me in the comments section.