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Eye Candy

Hey, we at Power & Motoryacht know as well as anyone else; sometimes you just want to gawk at a pretty boat in action. And there’s no better way to do that than by watching one move in super-high-definition slow motion. With that thought in mind, behold the Shearline 52 carving up the waterways off Morehead City, North Carolina, in all her glory. Videographer/photographer Marc Montocchio writes to say, “This was shot on a Sony FS700 with a Convergent Design 7Q recorder.  The images were shot at 4K @ 120 frames per second (five times slower then real time) and 2K @ 240 FPS (ten times slower then real time).  I used a Carl Zeiss CP2 35MM cine lens and a Kenyon X6 gyrostabilizer. The whole rig weights about 30 lbs.  We shot it in the Beaufort Channel off Morehead City, NC, with pilot Timmy Brothers of Crystal Coast Helicopters.  We took off at about 7a.m. when it was 17 degrees on the ground. At 40 knots with no door it was well below 0 with wind chill, but still an epic weather day for the shoot.  The boat is a 52' Shearline Boatworks Sportfish which has just been sold and is heading to Florida to its new owners.”