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Search Called Off for Missing Fishermen off of Baja

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A sad story here. The search has been called off for seven missing fishermen, most of whom were from northern California, who went missing when the fishing boat they had chartered went down off the coast of Baja over the Fourth of July weekend. The 105-foot Erik sank quickly after being hit by what is being described as a pair of rogue waves. Nineteen U.S. fishermen and 16 Mexican crewmembers made it to shore safely, while the remains of another man were found washed up on a remote island. U.S. Navy divers had been called in by the Mexican government to help with the search mission but were unable to locate any missing persons.

In the wake of the tragedy speculation has been raised that the boat may have been unsafe, and was possibly a converted "dragger" with minimal draft and suspect weighting. However the Mexican government has countered those claims.

"It wasn't the boat's first voyage. It has been on many, many trips. No one said it was a bad boat," said Alfedo Escobedo Ortiz, Baja California state civil protection director.

So I guess the question remains, would you go out to sea on the boat pictured above?