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Yes, robot bartender, I will have another.

Robotic bartender

Mix two parts cool with two parts futuristic technology and you have a recipe for a robotic bartending system that can create 120 cocktails per hour, ordered with just a few swipes on your smartphone.

No, this isn’t a scenario from a sci-fi film, such a bionic bar actually debuted last November aboard Royal Caribbean’s Quantum of the Seas courtesy of robotics company, Makr Shakr. At center stage of the cruise liner’s steel bar, beneath a colorful collection of liquor bottles, sits a pair of robots ready to create the perfect cocktail from a choice of 30 different spirits. Should a guest want their martini shaken, not stirred? No problem. The machine can muddle, stir, shake, and strain.

From the bar’s included app, guests can order from a preprogrammed list of specialty cocktails or it can create something new just by typing in your recipe.

Makr Shakr claims that they can install their bionic bar to fit almost any living space, so your saloon or cockpit could be a real possibility.  

Robotic bartenders

But while the next logical step for the robotic crewmates is to jump from cruise ships to the yacht-charter industry—where employing one less stew promises real cost savings—it might be some time before we see that happen. It currently takes about 41,600 man-hours to build the bar and install its systems. (Pricing is custom, based on your requirements.)

Makr Shakr hopes that in the near future its system will be able to track a guest’s alcohol consumption and blood-alcohol levels and cut them off when they’ve had too much to drink (artificial intelligence indeed!).

Sure, this electric-powered pouring machine might not be a good listener, or provide sound advice for your life’s woes, but it can pour a perfect margarita and many would agree that’s just as good.