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Reality TV invades the megayacht industry

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Over the course of the last year, I have met and spoken with a number of crew members and captains. After years in the industry, these crewmembers have amassed quite a few interesting stories about owners, guests, and each other.

But key to them keeping their jobs is that they have to keep their mouth shut.

That could change though. A casting call that sounds like one part Real World and one part Real Housewives has gone out looking for "attractive, dynamic individuals who work onboard, live at sea and serve the mega-rich owners their foie gras."

Currently titled "Below Decks," the show is looking to hire a captain, mate(s), a chef, stew(s), an engineer, and deckhand(s) to work for six weeks in September and October. No mention of who the guests will be, which yacht it will be shot onboard, or how on earth they'll fit camera into those tiny crew quarters.