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Quick Preview of the Viking 52 Convertible

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I tested the all-new Viking 52 Convertible recently off beautiful Cape May, New Jersey. Well, it’s usually beautiful. The day I was there it was raining pretty hard and the wind was gusting off the Atlantic at about 30 knots, give or take. The seas were an outright slop of 5- and 6-foot swells. It was messy, but it was perfect for a test. Especially with a boat like the 52, which is built for that kind of stuff. Her fine entry and high bow cleaved right through the waves like they weren’t even there. We rode comfortably at speeds approaching 30 knots. Meanwhile her burly, twin 1,400-horsepower MANs had her charging down an inland straightaway at 43.5 knots with the current. So she is definitely fast and seaworthy. She’s also highly fishable, as evinced by her recent win at the Beach Haven White Marlin Invitational, also in New Jersey. The video below shows her hooking into a blue marlin estimated to be nearly 300 pounds. You’ll notice her cockpit gets a little wetter than you might expect, but Viking Captain Brian Komer assured me that was only because it was the boat’s first billfish and he got a little too enthusiastic while backing down on it. To prove it, we backed down on an imaginary fish during my test and the cockpit stayed dry as a bone.

Video credit: Jay “Buddy” Brower