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Touring the Abacos in the Pursuit 325

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I just got back from the Abacos where I was testing the Pursuit 325. That’s quite a little vessel that packs a whole lot of boat onto her 32-foot LOA thanks to an open, bow-rider layout. And with twin 300-horsepower Yamahas she cracked the magic 40-knot mark, and cruised easily at 32.

Kevin Koenig scuba diving - photo by Marc Montocchio

But as sweet as the boat was this trip was really all about the natural surroundings we found ourselves in. Uninhabited tropical islands, water the color of Windex, fish and sharks, diving on plane wrecks, spearfishing invasive lionfish and learning how to clean them at the docks just as an epically loud thunderstorm boomed in from the Atlantic—it was quite a trip, with loads of adventure and good times with good people. And the 325 held up her end of the bargain in spades. There was plenty of room onboard, a nice enclosure to keep us dry when it was raining and lots of places to grab some sun when it wasn’t. Boaters tend to toss the term “do-it-all boat” around pretty lightly, but after running this boat 100 miles through thunderstorms, fishing and diving off of her, and generally just enjoying life onboard, I can tell you this is truly a do-it-all boat, no stipulations needed.

Keep your eyes peeled for the full story in the magazine, and get ready for some sweet photos like the one above from intrepid South African photographer Marc Montocchio