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The PMY Rendezvous Was Fun

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It sure was. About thirty boats and probably 100 people chowing down on mahi and Bimini bread, soaking in the sun, soaking in the water, soaking in the Kalik. You name it, and somebody probably soaked in it in Bimini this past weekend.

There were a ton of activities: A Honeymoon Harbor run, fireworks, a cocktail competition, and a toga party to name a few. The togas in particular were extravagant. I wrapped a bed sheet around myself and thought I'd be all set. Nope. I got outshone, big time. The costumes were impressive. I did not know they made such things as tailored togas, but now I do, and knowing is half the battle. Next year I'll be prepared.

Anyway, keep the PMY Rendezvous in mind next time around if you are one of those people who like sun, fun, water, and laughs. There's plenty of that to go around.