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This One Might Make it to Valhalla

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I tested out the Viking 55 yesterday down in New Gretna, New Jersey, and I have to say … Wow. Nice boat. The thing floats like a duck and runs like a gazelle.

Testing the Viking 55 was a decent way to kill a Tuesday.

I’ll admit, being Jersey-bred, I’m slightly biased, but even considering that bias, this model was impressive. There are worse ways to spend a beautiful late-summer day than ripping around the South Jersey marshlands in a 55-foot Viking, and that is the truth. Check back for a full review of the boat in an upcoming issue of Power and Motoryacht.

Oh, and one other thing. I took a factory tour as well, which is where I ran into Bridget, Viking’s own therapy dog. Viking provides health-care services for its employees on site, and in the medical offices they have this sweet little dogface running around keeping everybody company while they get their shots and whatnot. Not a bad perk at all.

Bridget the Viking dog loves her some snacks.

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