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One for the Road

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Bugatti Chiron and Palmer Johnson collaboration

As near-perfect a car as the Bugatti Chiron might be, there are certain things the supercar can’t do—like drive on water. That’s where the Niniette 66 has its road-going cousin beat. 

A budding collaboration between Bugatti and its new “lifestyle partner,” Palmer Johnson, has born some flamboyant fruit in the 66, which brings together—in one elaborate design—the best of Palmer Johnson’s revolutionary trimaran hull shape and Bugatti’s splashy styling elements. The 66 features a sweeping curve that defines its profile; and as part of the Bugatti line, it’s offered with a two-tone color scheme like the car. Only 66 will be made.

I spent more time customizing my very own Niniette 66 than a grown man should—or should admit to anyway—with the company’s online configurator, where I could imagine what my Chiron-inspired yacht would look like with an onboard hot tub (with champagne bar), hardtop bimini, and firepit (yup). ▶