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New York Show

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Well, with the temp outside a balmy 18 degrees a day inside  at the New York Boat this weekend seemed like a good idea. The show, while smaller than in the past and a bit oddly shaped with the two-room setup, it was quite busy the day I was there. I noticed several booths were hopping all day. Grady White, a perennial favorite in this part of the country, had a large crowd looking at the company's 360 and 366 models and Tiara was equally busy when I did a drive by. Gear was also quite popular and both tackle companies and electronics dealers seemed to be doing well with boat owners looking to upgrade gear for the upcoming season. And boating season can't come soon enough. As I write this, it's 7 degrees outside my office window. Let's hope that groundhog doesn't see his shadow because winter's starting to get a little old up here...


Bananas at a boat show? Isn't that bad luck?


Got fishing gear?