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New Wider Yacht

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When Tilli Antonelli stepped before the gathered reporters during the Wider breakfast press conference during the Monaco Yacht Show, the lights dimmed and the projector lit up. And Antonelli introduced ...

A 33-foot Wider boat.

The crowd clapped, but it seemed a bit obligatory. It was 8:30 a.m., and yes the 42-foot Wider was a success—but to go smaller? It seemed a bit odd.

But Antonelli kept clicking through slides to introduce where that 33-footer would be kept: the 150-foot Wider megayacht.


Where one of the main highlights will be where that tender will be stored:


In Wider fashion, the area expands in three directions to create a beach club area.


And this would a lovely place to stop for any company. But Wider went further and envisions using the space vacated by the tender for a new use.


An indoor swimming pool, which can be covered to create a wide flat space. When the design is combined with its proposed diesel-electric propulsion, it's a 

Wider has partnered with Camper & Nicholsons for the marketing and promotion of this design.