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A new experience

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When I arrived at the PMY office in midtown Manhattan last Thursday, I assumed it would be like every other day in the office. A little writing, some research, some editing…all various tasks expected of an editorial intern, and all things I enjoy doing.

I was pleasantly surprised when associate editor Alyssa Haak emailed me and told me to meet her at North Cove marina downtown to assist with a photo shoot for an upcoming issue of PMY. It was a beautiful day in the city, one of the coolest in awhile, and I was anxious to see a different element of publication in action. 

After a crazy cab ride to the wrong place and some running throughout lower Manhattan to get to the right place, I knew I had found the correct location when I saw this:


Of all the vessels at the marina, it was Bystander (left) that truly captured my attention. She’s 138 feet with accommodations for 10 guests and nine crew. She was originally launched in 2006 and was refitted in 2007 with a bulbous bow.

When we saw her last week, she had recently arrived at North Cove marina, and her crew was working throughout. She’s the largest motoryacht I’ve seen in person since I’ve started working at PMY, and I was definitely impressed.