New Electronics Exclusive: Radar for the Rest of Us

Well boys and girls, it’s finally begun to happen. Technology in marine electronics is finally beginning to veer in the direction of the rest of consumer electronics in a big way. You don’t have to pay an arm and a leg to get big-time functionality (Remember when basic laptop computers were three grand? I do. And don’t ask why I do).

Furuno DRS4DL

Case in point this new radar from Furuno, the DRS4DL, that just came out yesterday (the Furuno team didn’t even have a press release yet). The beauty is, it’s exactly the same size as the radar it replaces (same 19-inch dome in fact), yet it has 4 kilowatts of power instead of 2—twice the power. And that’s not the only power advantage: it’s easier to rig because it doesn’t require a second cable to energize it. And that brings me to the third advantage of this new unit. Price. Not only is it $500 less than the previous model, it also doesn’t need the separate power supply cable, an added savings of $375.