New Electronics Exclusive: Radar for the Rest of Us

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Well boys and girls, it’s finally begun to happen. Technology in marine electronics is finally beginning to veer in the direction of the rest of consumer electronics in a big way. You don’t have to pay an arm and a leg to get big-time functionality (Remember when basic laptop computers were three grand? I do. And don’t ask why I do).

Furuno DRS4DL

Case in point this new radar from Furuno, the DRS4DL, that just came out yesterday (the Furuno team didn’t even have a press release yet). The beauty is, it’s exactly the same size as the radar it replaces (same 19-inch dome in fact), yet it has 4 kilowatts of power instead of 2—twice the power. And that’s not the only power advantage: it’s easier to rig because it doesn’t require a second cable to energize it. And that brings me to the third advantage of this new unit. Price. Not only is it $500 less than the previous model, it also doesn’t need the separate power supply cable, an added savings of $375.