New Electronics Exclusive: Garmin Begins to Tweak Data at the Source

Garmin tells us it’s introducing two new products today to change the way you look and see around your boat. As we watch electronics evolve, one of the biggest ways the manufacturers are helping boaters is by using more powerful computer processors to mine more useful information to display. The processors derive more useful information from the data coming in from the various sensors, whether it’s a radar unit, a sounder transducer, or anything else that gathers data from the real world. But now the manufacturers in general—and on this day specifically, Garmin in particular—are focused on sharpening up the data-gathering capabilities at the sensor.

Garmin GMR 2524 xHD2 Radar

One way Garmin is doing that is with a 4-foot radar antenna that offers 25-kilowatts of transmit power. Called the Garmin GMR 2524 xHD2, it seems to have a lot to offer in its capabilities, particularly something called Pulse Expansion.

Garmin Panoptix PS60 Through-Hull Transducer

The second tool Garmin introduced today is a through-hull transducer called the PS60, which allows Garmin to add performance to its triple-threat Panoptix sounder system.

Garmin makes it easy for these sensors to work with existing systems, usually with a software upgrade at no additional charge…