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More lessons learned

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As my time as the PMY editorial intern dwindles, I continue to reflect on the things I’ve learned.

I’ve found myself much more observant of vessels when I’m near the water. In my observation, I’ve noticed, much to my surprise, the rivers surrounding New York City see some impressive motor yachts. I also know when I return to my waterfront home along Florida’s gulf coast, I’ll be seeing vessels and recognizing features that would have gone unnoticed before.  

I’ve come to appreciate differences in flying bridges and some of the conveniences afforded by simple design tweaking. I have a sharper eye for gadgets and gears that appeal to megayacht owners. I’m conscientious of destinations ideal for yachtsmen, from Maine to Key West. More recently, I’ve seen bizarre innovation, like the ‘Tropical Island Paradise’ from British boat builders Yacht Island Design. The vessel is equipped with a volcano that actually erupts.  

In my last two weeks here, I intend to learn as much as I can.


Mallory Square in Key West, Florida