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Memories From a Nordhavn Summer

The Nordhavn Film Festival, which took place Saturday, October 15, hosted 10 short films from Nordhavn boaters across the U.S. All of the filmmakers exhibited a genuine enthusiasm for their craft, the ocean and their families. To be clear, these were no Spielberg-budget items, but there’s a certain charm exuded by real water lovers sharing an intimate glimpse into their worlds. This particularly rang true for a film produced by 17-year-old Ella Hummel, titled “Memories From a Nordhavn Summer.”

Hummel’s film invites her audience into a glimpse of a simpler time. In what seems reminiscent of an aquatic twist on the film Yours, Mine and Ours, two separate families are happily stitched together by the love of their single parents to become a newer and bigger brood. Hummel leaves the new family structure nebulous, but the gist is that even bound by matrimony, both broods remained in their separate regions, and instead of living together, frequently vacationed together. Whatever the dynamic, they were happy—only the timing wasn’t so perfect. When the pandemic struck though, visits and shared vacations came to an abrupt halt. How the family eventually manages to get back on track with sharing lives and happiness comes in the shape of a Nordhavn named Sisu.

The narration isn’t particularly long-winded and much of what a viewer will learn from this story comes from what isn’t spoken in words—nostalgia-inducing photos and clips of Hummel and her six siblings playing games, making silly faces, and enjoying the sorts of times most of us often wish to relive. Her short tale is inspirational. It shows how through love for the water and each other, a family can reconnect and forge a series of memories that will endure for a lifetime.