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Luna Eclipse

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A dramatic reenactment.*

The Venice art biennale is in full swing right now. Since 1895, the festival has brought together artists of every discipline well as those who can afford to purchase their art.

But this year, voices have been raised over the docking of the 377-foot Luna, one of Roman Abromovich's many yachts, in St. Mark's Basin (which is located just outside St. Mark's Square). Residents are complaining about the yacht blocking, well, everything.

London newspaper, The Guardian, quotes Venice's mayor, Giorgio Orsoni, as saying, "The boats are getting too big and blocking the view. These yachts are showing up to see Venice for free, but St Mark's Basin is being turned into a motorway and we have to start limiting the traffic."

Luna's presence as reignited the debate over megayacht and cruise ships in Venice and their benefit (or lack thereof) to tourism as well as the structural integrity of the ancient Venetian buildings.

The Guardian also notes, however, that Abromovich has helped the Bienniale institute new competitions and collections.

*Photo Illustration combining Venice's St Mark's Square and Luna. Not a real photo, just my amazing Photoshop skills.