On Location: Grand Banks' New Malaysian Facility

Capt. Bill Pike travelled to Johor Bahru for an inside look at the new, high-tech facility where the Grand Banks 60 is being built.

I'm a little jet-lagged but, as far as I can tell, I spent some 22 hours in the air to arrive in Johor Bahru, Malaysia to check out both the new Grand Banks 60 and the seriously renovated plant she's being built in. Among a host of things, Grand Banks CEO Mark Richards has added "grinding booths" (above) with extractors that remove dust and dirt.

Grinding booths at Grand Banks' Malaysian Facility

"We want to keep our employees healthy," says Richards. And Richards has also added resin infusion to the Johor facility. Note here (below) the new infusion table being prepared for the creation of yet another carbon-fiber component for the GB 60. The boat will launch in the spring, by the way. And I hope test the boat

Resin infusion at Grand Banks' Malaysian Facility