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Learning the ropes

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As the PMY summer editorial intern, I’m relatively new to the intricacies of megayachts. I came in with basic knowledge of boats from experiences on my family’s 28-foot catamaran. I’ve even reported on river races in the past. But megayachts are a new ball game for me. So, what have I learned in the past four weeks?  Here’s a taste:

  1. The exact conversion from meters to feet (1 meter is exactly 3.2808399 feet) and knots to miles per hour (1 knots = 1.15077945 mph.)
  2. Terminology such as LOA (length overall) and GPR (glass-reinforced plastic).
  3. Different types of hulls and how they affect the performance and handling of a megayacht.
  4. The differences in yachts designed for sportfishing, exploration and cruising.
  5. Most importantly, the global presence of yacht designers, builders and owners and how they work with one another to create this diverse industry. I never would have guessed that countries from Korea to Turkey would have a presence in this industry. 

Things I never considered before working here are suddenly becoming of great interest to me, and that’s the greatest thing an intern can hope for. While I may not become and expert in the next month I spend here, I will surely pick up more valuable information about the motoryacht industry and the people behind it, and I can’t wait. 

The photo below shows the Italian shipyard Ancona, another place I've recently learned about. (Image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons)