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Last Week, the Republicans...This Week the Democrats

boat ride at the 2016 DNC

Whether in Cleveland or Phillly, you can’t beat a boat ride, along with a little fun in the sun.

Who doesn't love a boat ride? The sentiment was expressed time and again during mini-cruises put on by the National Marine Manufacturers Association on Tuesday. Congressmen, delegates, and their staffs definitely enjoyed themselves. Check out our big election story in the upcoming October issue of Power & Motoryacht—it’s based on Capt. Bill Pike’s experiences at both the Republican and Democratic National Conventions.

Ray Smith

Looks like Ray Smith was having as much fun as the Bernie Sanders supporters he was driving around.

G. A. Ruppersberger, Maryland congressman

I was talking with G. A. Ruppersberger, Maryland congressman (left), about the philosophy of boats, when his wife chimed in, only half jokingly, "We need a boat." That's John MacKnight of the NMMA on the right. He may already have one.

Congressman Rick Larsen

Now, did congressman Rick Larsen of Washington state (left) catch this bass? I am not at liberty to say.

Delegate Russell Yates and his wife Marion

Delegate Russell Yates said, "Yeah I know how to coil a line." His wife, Marion, added, "He may know, but I can do it better... and you can quote me on that."