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Jetpack Me, One Time!

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It looks like it's really gonna happen you guys. A few weeks ago I blogged about that dude's epic, live-TV fail using the Jetlev R200 water-powered Jetpack and I asked PMY's readers to come through and get me one.

And just two short weeks later ... none of my readers have yet to respond.

But! Jetlev sure seems interested. I'm in the works of setting up a test down in Key West and I'm literally giddy. Since the dawn of time man has yearned to soar like the birds in the sky, climbing as high as the highest eagle among the mountain's peaks and swooping low as the hunting Peregrine in the valley. And now I, Kevin Koenig, your intrepid correspondent, will be able to arch through the heavens as gracefully as those majestic beasts. Or at least as gracefully as a 185-pound, cream-cheese complexioned, marine journalist with zero jetpack experience can be. It's going to be amazing. Don't worry there will be film.

Ask and ye shall receive I suppose.

p.s. What's this guy's deal in the picture? Hey Hoss, you got a jetpack on your back. Maybe try smiling? Dude looks like he ate a bad clam.