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Cruising with Capt. Bill aboard the Betty Jane II is something of a tradition for new hires at Power & Motoryacht. Whether you call it a rite of passage, an initiation or a safer and friendlier version of hazing, it boils down to this: a few days on the water getting to know each other and with any luck, avoiding catastrophe.

Executive Editor Jeff Moser and I were the newbies, and Capt. Bill was our sage skipper. The smell of diesel wafted up to the flybridge as we navigated the St. John’s river through Jacksonville, Florida, en route to the ICW. Jeff and I flanked Capt. Bill like children eager to help their parent, Jeff with the cruising guide and I with the binoculars.

We settled into the rhythms of the cruise, munching on hummus and candy as pelicans, egrets and seagulls watched from their perch in the Guana River Wildlife Management Area. After arriving in St. Augustine, we spent a few days testing gear and exploring the historic city. Capt. Bill even learned to Tweet.

On our journey we encountered a marina ripping with current, Power & Motoryacht readers from around the country and a friendly passing vessel that helped us avoid navigational doom. These are just a few of the highlights—check out the full story in an upcoming issue. 

Gear Videos From the Cruise