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If You Want Blood (You Got It)

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Adventure Bay Charters—a cage-diving operation in Australia—had been catching heat over using chum to lure great whites into view for those intrepid souls with enough sand to hop in the water with them. So the company began looking for alternative methods of attracting the man eaters. As anyone whose ever seen Jaws II knows, sharks are attracted to sound and vibration. You know, like the sounds made by surfers paddling their boards through the channel or white-washed innocents splashing blissfully in the surf as certain death circles silently nearby. That sort of thing. Oh, also, AC/DC. The charter operators have been playing all sorts of music underwater to attract sharks, and AC/DC is by far their favorite. Anti-Christ/Devil's Children indeed.

p.s. I'm pretty sure that shark in the picture is trying to fly. If great white sharks ever figure that out we are all 100%, totally, and completely screwed. Believe that. The time is right to invest in a self-defense bazooka, methinks.